Vision is the next generation web based visualisation platform for enterprise executives. An engaging presentation is critical in communicating effectively. Vision users can choose from an array of charts, icons, maps, gauges, and sliding scales. It offers a powerful solution with widely supported data sources and a variety of controls.

Vision provides access to the true value of data, by presenting business information from multiple data sources within an intuitive, interchangeable, and highly engaging 3D cockpit of dashboards. Vision increases organisational agility through the use of seamlessly integrated current and historical data; providing the freedom to monitor a range of measures and key performance indicators (KPIs).



Perform provides a cost effective and secure delivery platform for the pro-active management of performance and quality. Perform provides a sophisticated performance management suite, which allows organisations to analyse historic data comprehensively and report against it using multiple structures.

Perform provides automated consolidation of all key performance information into a single place; simplifying the production of reports and eliminating the manual collection and manipulation of data. Perform facilitates the scheduled gathering of data from a range of structured systems, such as Line of Business Systems, Enterprise Financials, Admin Systems and CRM.

Perform also captures data from unstructured sources, such as Excel spreadsheets, to provide one integrated, organisation-wide repository, whilst allowing users to continue with established and familiar systems. For performance measures where no electronic system is currently in place, Perform provides easy to deploy customisable forms to capture performance at source.


Example Verticals


Whilst NHS Trusts already collect vast amounts of data for this is often locked in various systems across the organisation and can be very frustrating, expensive and time consuming to access and collate.

Vervue is the next generation solution for healthcare professionals and leadership teams that transforms data from the multiple systems in use throughout the Trust into simple, meaningful and relevant information.


Colleges collect vast amounts of data for both internal and statutory purposes, but this is often locked in various systems across the organisation and can be very frustrating, expensive and time consuming to access and collate.

Vervue automatically pulls disparate data together to present the information hidden within it in an easy to understand visual way. This delivers a truly holistic view of the College, its operations and revenue streams, personalise to meet the requirements of each individual manager.


The current economic climate has forced organisations to look closely at their operations, energy use, supply chains, quality control, order fulfilment and costs to stay competitive –  this, with technological developments, has caused a shift towards “smart” devices integrated into what we now call the Internet of Things.

To get a true picture of the organisations operations, data needs to be seen from these numerous data sources, which are often locked away in separate databases and often geographically dispersed locations. Only a truly holistic view of all aspects of the company’s operations can deliver real value – minimising costs and risk, whilst maximising margins and revenues.


Automated data collection, aggregation & processing. Scheduled reporting and tolerance alerting

Mobile Ready

Accessible from mobile devices, enabling on-the-go data analysis and reporting


Rapid development and customisation or reports enables agile decision making and proactive reporting


Bespoke configurations for specific business requirements. Line of business system and database agnostic.

Feature Vision Perform
Visual Reporting
Scheduled Data Collection
OLAP Data Sources
User-based reporting
Mobile Access
Visual Dashboards

Perform enables us to automatically schedule the collection of performance data from the wide range of systems in use at the Trust, including both line of business systems and unstructured data sources. It validates the data on capture and automatically alerts us of potential quality and timeliness issues. - Simon Taylor, CFO, King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust